Reiki is one of the more common energy modalities. And has been around in its current form since Mikao Usui rediscovered it in the 1800s after a long search for something like it. It is a fascinating and heart touching story. And according to the Usui school of thought Reiki has its origins in Buddhism, perhaps as far back as 620 BCE; because it was through studying the sanskrit texts that Mikao Usui found the knowledge of Reiki.

Unlike some of the other modalities I use, listed above, Reiki requires, as a general rule, the laying of the hands touch to facilitate healing or alignment of body and mind. So if you are uncomfortable with touch, then you can opt for either Tao Hands or Quantum Bioenergetics session.

In my understanding Reiki is an energy and of similar or perhaps the same as what is referred to by many other traditions eg Chi in Chi Kung, or Prana in India, and is name Ki in Japan, and it is from that work Ki, that it takes its name, being Reiki.

It is common knowledge, even amongst many scientists that we are more than just matter, that we are energy as well. And if energy is not flowing freely or stuck in the different points in the body, there is potential for certain conditions to develop, depending upon where the blockage is. So at an energetic level, as a Reiki Practitioner, I facilitate the flow of reiki energies, to assist with this, in order for a persons energy body to get back into equilibrium and this in turn can assist with the physical body returning into equilibirum.

There are no promises, I have to say this because as a coach many people come to me with high expectations and each case is different. Sometimes results are pleasing, other times it takes longer to get pleasing results, and for others reiki may not be sufficient to assist in the process of their wellbeing journey at that time.






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