Life Coaching (Mindset Coaching) & Personal Development

One of the primary goals of life coaching is to develop you in all ways. Our life coaching sessions are aimed to be transformational.

Who are You?

You are a soul, a mind, a body, emotions and more. You are a lot of work.

Have you been looking after you, spiritually (whatever it means to you), mentally, physically and emotionally?

Would you like to enhance you IQ, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, and more?

Learning, Thinking, Empowerment, Transformation, Accelerated Learning Techniques, Lasting Changesounds promising? Would you like to learn something and never forget it?

It is a ‘two dimensional’ ongoing process of improving You. Briefly:

[1] Clear the negative practices, fears, bad habits and weaknesses or limit as much you as can.

[2] Learn better ways of thinking, refine your beliefs, consistently practice good habits such as kindness, charity, love, laughter, understanding, and your passions etc.

The first step is awareness, and knowledge of the processes to avoid the negatives and enjoy doing the positives.

Whether it is about relationships, emotions, negative thinking or spirituality, we have excellent tools, processes, and methods which can assist you to achieve consistent positive results in any or all of these areas.

A good example of one of our methods for facilitating success with you, is your self image. Many people have poor self image because of their (negative) ego, lack of self education and lack of self awareness (presence). Enclosed are some gems to help you improve your self image.

Self Image (Self Worth, Self Confidence & Self Esteem)

Here are some key questions to help determine how you are viewing yourself. There is no one right answer; there are acceptable answers, better answers and not so good answers:

What do you visualize or perceive when you say the words “I” “me” “myself”, when you read “You”?

Do you visualize the person in the mirror?

If you are overweight and think You are the overweight person in the mirror then “wrong words” associated with that perception add another layer or obstacle to your freedom.

Do you visualize a better physical person than the one in the mirror?

Do you visualize a worse person in the mirror?

Or do you see that you are a mind, body, spirit and know that every time the word I or me or myself or you is stated, and you see something deeper inside? Do you feel free and empowered by that word, and think "this is a better plain to be on."

And for the more advanced, are you aware of the differences between your real being and your (negative) ego? Or are you in denial about having an ego, which would mean that you are deluded about your delusion, as the (negative) ego is a delusion.

The aim is to free you from limiting and incorrect perceptions of yourself. Again awareness is the first step to freedom within. So start letting go of false images, feelings, perceptions and thoughts of yourself. How do you do that? Well first you need to understand how your mind and being works? You cannot always or even often dodge the negative that invades your being. You have to just let it be…absorption…feel… and then depending upon the circumstances apply appropriate 'tools' to overcome them. That is, often we layer our fears and negative thoughts with more negative thoughts and often exaggerate the severity of the problem. Whereas, we can use tools such NLP, Positive Psychology or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to improve our thinking, feeling and well being.

Lastly there is no overnight magical education for this, what there is are proven, tested and tried ways of making this journey of self awareness, self realization and awakening a progressive, productive, positive and satisfying journey as opposed to do nothing and remaining disempowered.

Life Coaching Sessions

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