Energy Medicine as an Energy Facilitation Process, an Introduction

4 Modalities of Energy Medicine

In the many spiritual ways, the wise books say change what is in your heart (ie your thinking, feelings, beliefs and emotions etc) and your condition will change. And in that belief, and from world wide experience, many modalities including Coaching has produced a lot of success for people in helping them change their thinking, feeling, decisions, beliefs, behaviour and wellbeing, simply through various coaching tools.

But in my experience that may not be enough because in practice there is so much to change! So changing one thing at a time may take too long if the issues and layers are large. There are deeper principles at work and the field of energy medicine which is expanding rapidly in the last few decades, with science entering the field in many modalities, including many published papers supporting positive results; is providing results where traditional tools do not get results or can take decades.

I am certified in the following modalities which use energies and quantum frequencies to assist in the process of you getting back into alignment, amongst other things.

  • "Tao Hands" Blessings for various aspects in your life and also use other tools taught by Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha, for example those taught in his many books such Soul Mind Body Medicine. For more information see the tab below.

  • The Quantum Bioenergetics Balancing Technique (TM) taught by Melissa Hocking Hughes. For information see the tab below, briefly this uses Quantum frequencies to assist in the getting you, your mind and body back into alignment.
  • As an Access Consciousness (R) Bars Practitioner who facilitates the use of the Access Bars (R) tool. Instead of clearing one belief at a time, even if a foundational belief, you can have the bars run, and there is potential for many beliefs to be cleared in a session.
  • As a Reiki Practitioner, under the Usui Shiki Ryoho school, I facilitate the reiki energies to again assist you in getting back into alignment or equilibirum in the quest for wellbeing and better health.

In addition, I am aware of many other modalities and use their principles in my practice eg The Emotion Code to release trapped emotions taught by Dr Bradley Nelson. And although I am not accredited in this modality (and have been trained in its use) but list it because the other tools I have can facilitate similar results.

Not all 4 will be used in the same session but can be split into different sessions as required.

I have a passion for energy and quantum frequency modalities. There are important reasons for me gaining different modalities, one important point in my understanding is that as taught by Master Sha there are three main vibrations and frequencies being matter (which we all know), energy (aka Chi) and soul (information, heart and mind). Most energy work does not cover the soul level as well. And hence by having tools that cover the main spectrum of vibrations and frequencies I am able to provide a more holistic service, than others.


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