Since I was young I have been searching for universal laws, for truth and reality. More recently as a coach and energy worker I have been seeking the most powerul and effective coaching tools and energy healing/facilitation tools for more profound lasting results in my life and my clients' life.

And yes in recent years I have been very fortunate to have come across some powerful yet simple tools to transform my life and your life.

What is new, is the tools that Master Sha provides as to transform all areas of life, including health, relationships, intelligence, emotions, wealth, business, spirituality and more. For example Tao Hands (see Healing Modalities page for more details) which transmits light energies that includes frequencies of love, forgiveness, compassion and light to transform your issue.

Besides coaching, I also provide Soul Heart Mind and Body alignment services through the various modalities listed on the modalities tab.

Recent updates include

  • A testimonies page under the Healing Modalities tab, which have a few recent case examples and more are on there way.
  • Suggested good books to read under the resources tab.
  • And I'm now more accessable through my regular Soul Power nights at Shambhala in bulleen, at a fraction of the cost of my private coaching and soul mind body alignment sessions. Details listed below.


Synergy Diamond Coaching

Personal Coaching

Coaching is about positive change, freedom and transformation. Coaches help us achieve our dreams and goals. They can motivate and inspire us to lead a life with meaning and purpose.

Coaching is about YOU. It is a process of empowerment in which you take inspired planned action to get better results. There are many lasting benefits including self-growth, more happiness, success, increased emotional intelligence and increased wealth. For  more see the What is Life Coaching? page.

♥ Monthly Soul Energy Alignment Evenings

Topic for the next few months: Transforming key unbalanced emotions.

Each session: Lessons, Practices and Blessings


  • Friday 7.30 pm  to 9.30 pm
  • And this continues fortnightly at the same venue
  • See meetup app, the groups name is Soul Wisdom for healing, change and success

Venue: Shambhala Centre, 40 Bridge Street, Bulleen

Entry Fee: $20

All welcome

The Powerful Benefits of Coaching

Do you want things to be easier, quicker, faster, easier, slower, bigger, smaller, richer, sweeter, softer, more lasting and/or balanced?

Do you want to overcome bad habits, limiting beliefs, fears, and weaknesses known and unknown? We provide proven ways for overcoming these.

Do you want achieve new heights of success, happiness and financial freedom? We provide systems, processes, tools and more for achieving these sooner than later or never.

Are you tired of repeating old patterns, playing the blame game, feeling guilty, making excuses, feeling powerless, stuck, lost, confused, angry, frustrated, depressed, and overwhelmed? You need to act to change and the easiest path to success is with the support of those that have been there.

For more information on the benefits of life & Business Coaching see the FAQs page.


Happiness: It can be elusive, fleeting or not what you expect but...

Instead of happiness consider seeking peace and happiness or peace before happiness.

Why? Peace can be simple, can be contentment, can be in nothing and after that can come happiness at the simplicity of peace.

Where as happiness in so many parts of us comes with big expectations, big desires, and other loaded wants and needs which often need time, energy and money to build. Then consider how easy and simple it can be to attain some inner peace through walking in nature, or focusing on the breath etc. And then the disappointment of not being happy, of not being fulfilled drops away for the moment, at least; or perhaps longer if you really get into practicing inner peace.

Sometimes the answers in life are simple and the practice is simple, so if things seem complex, consider looking for a simple answer or practice; and if you cannot then seek someone who can assist you with that, like a coach, hint hint...


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