Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?

We offer you a range of services to change, grow and transform your business into a successful enterprise. So Business Coaching is about facilitating positive change and growth that results in increased profitability. Business Coaching can start with Business Plans and Business Marketing Plans at the business inception stage and growth stage or we can work during the maturity stage on expansion, succession management, systems improvement and much more. We can work on the business, the people, the product, your internet strategy, you strategic plan and/or your marketing plan, amongst other things.

Why do Small Businesses Need Business Coaching?

Business Coaches use tried and tested techniques, technologies and strategies of successful businesses globally. Many businesses have achieved accelerated and massive growth resulting in large profits through coaching. And because of this business coaching is one of the fastest developing industries globally.

As business coaches we can help you avoid making the common mistakes which many businesses make that cause them to fail and more importantly we can provide you with the techniques and strategies which successful businesses used to make handsome profits. Many small businesses have achieved massive growth and profits from using business coaches.

Business Marketing Plan

Success in business or small business can often hinge on your marketing and sales plan and the action that follows that. Often business people are stuck here because they don’t have the mindset to move forward with confidence in these two critical areas. We at Synergy Diamond Coaching don’t believe you need a genie in a bottle to do well in marketing or sales. Often it is simple systematic low cost strategies which help catapult businesses into growth and profitability.

You are in the business of marketing and with appropriate education, and/or strategies there are many ways to create opportunities for your current or future businesses. Many of the simple yet powerful strategies we have can be applied to almost any business globally.

How can we assist you?

We can provide you with a tailored program which assists your business with its immediate (priority) needs now and long terms needs as they fall due; on the following topics (this list is not exhaustive)

  • Business Planning, Marketing Plans, Strategic Plans, Sales Plans, Budgets and the like.
  • Business Purpose, Mission, Vision, Goals and Action Plan.
  • Personal Development and People Management.
  • Time management, Prioritization, and effectiveness strategies.
  • Working Smarter not harder; work life balance.
  • Influential Leadership, staff engagement and staff motivation.
  • Mindsets of Millionaires or Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs.
  • Spiritual Business Coaching if you are that way inclined. That is, provide you with universal principles that successful entrepreneurs use to create their grand dream business of their passion.

Business Coaching : Problem Solving and Wealth Strategies

Business Coaching is an effective means of problem solving and for the development of wealth strategies to reduce destructive forces in the business and increase the productive forces in the business.

Businesses can increase profits by

[1] Minimising costs

[2] Claiming the appropriate tax deductions [we dont provide tax advice]

[3] Increasing Sales [the power of Leverage]

[4] Increase the Value per unit sold [add Value]

[5] Increasing the Price per good or service

Through business coaching many businesses have found ways to increase profits by one or more of the five points listed above.

An important point missed by many business owners. The role of managing the business day to day i.e. being "in" the business and the entrepreneurial role of growing the business ie working "on" the business are distinct. Different "lenses" are used to view the business and hence different ways of thinking and action should be applied to successfully grow the business.

Many succesful entrepreneurs now use use business coaches for life.

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