Business Coaching

I dont provide normal or traditional business coaching through SDC, as all my traditional business coaching is now provided through Earthlink Alliance.

However, I do provide Soul Coaching for business success; which can assist in removing karmic and ego blockages affecting your success in your business.

Obviously this service is suited for those that are soulful or believe in karma and soul psychology.

People in my network and me have had succes financially using the tools, wisdom and practices using Soul meditation and Soul Power, to transform blockages at the Soul and Eneryg levels.

If you are curious how this works, contact me or see the book "Soul over Matter" by Master Sha and Adam Markel.

The universal principal that explains this work simply is "Karma is the rook cause of success and failure". So we teach you how to self clear karma, layer by layer. Note it is not the only cause, but the root cause in the causal chain. And because causality in success is dynamic, you will still get success removing secondary and tertiary blockages which are the ones you sense more visibly in daily life.

And of course we still honor and advise people to follow normal business best practices, rules and coaching practices.

Tao Blessings



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