Quantum BioEnergetics

I provide a healing facilitation or channel healing service using quantum frequencies to trigger living bodies to heal themselves.

I am a qualified Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing Technique (TM) practitioner.

The process can occur face to face or remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quantum Bioenergetics?

The use of readily available quantum based frequencies, which we use via the established human energy system (the same system used for millennia for acupressure/acupuncture etc) to aid healing for the biology (the body and all that travels within that vehicle: the whole of you ;).

What happens in a QBI Healing session?

The body is immersed in quantum bioenergetics (that’s the QB healing stuff), enabling a vibratory entrainment that seems to accelerate the vibration at the cellular level (body buzzes faster).

What can we hope from this modality?

Clients have experienced healing from various illnesses both physical, emotional and mental including depression, accelerated healing of injuries, and includng some positive results with people who had cancer.

I have been studying healing for over a decade. And for various reasons dont make any promises to raise your expectations, which include my understanding of the spiritual laws that govern healing. So I have not couched the question with the word expectation but hope, in order to keep you in a better frame of mind. However, there have been alot of amazing results through the use of quantum frequencies. Healing occurs to varying degrees, some people get good results, some nice results and others surprisingly good results.


Is the Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing technique the same as /similar to the Quantum Touch, EMF Balancing Technique, Pleiadian Lightwork , Quanutm Energy healing, Reconnection, *insert any quantum mechanically based frequency/vibratory work here*?

I believe that these modalities/approaches to frequency, amongst others, are probably all working in the same frequencies as Quantum BioEnergetics. Each  technique is presented as is the gift of the teacher presenting. Quantum Touch is hands on, EMF works more in geometry and structure in evolution, Pleiadian Lightwork is soulfully driven/ multidimensionally, and all are accessed via similar commiunicative frequency to quantum bioenergetics. And of the teachers mentioned, they are taught by people of integrity (Richard Gordon, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Amorah Quan Yin and now Angela McMahon).

How many sessions do I need?

Generally between 1 to 3 sessions depending upon the issue. For more severe issues, more maybe necessary.

What has science got to say?

There have been some scientific tests on this, see the link below, which is very positive.

And also note that in the fields of energy medicince, vibratory medicine and the like, there is a growing body of positive scientific research.I can refer you to a number of books which have long lists of scientific research on these topics which have favourable findings.


For more informaition see www.qbihealing.com

And the following is a link to scientific research on this www.qbihealing.com





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