Tao Hands and Soul Mind Body Alignment Practitioner

Master Zhi Gang Sha has taught and shared many tools for use in the various sciences related to Soul Mind Body Medicine.

The main tool that I currently use is Tao Hands. The following is an overview of Tao Hands, contact me for more information and to experience a session

  • I am a certified Tao Hands Practitioner.
  • The Tao Hands special treasure enables me to offer you Soul Mind Body Alignment blessings for physical conditions (i.e. back pain, tumors, cancer, etc.), organs, systems, parts of the body. It can also be used for balancing mental conditions and emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety, etc.
  • Using my Tao Hands treasure, I can offer blessings for relationships, personal finances, residence, business or business office. The blessings bring divine love and light to your organs, etc., to help dissipate the energy and spiritual blockages. These blessings can be offered in person or remotely to an individual or group.
  • During a blessing, the Tao Hands treasure bring quantum frequencies at the level of love and light into your physical condition, part of the body, mental condition, unbalanced emotion, relationship, finances, residence, business or business office. I channel the frequencies. Hence I am a facilitator.
  • A Tao Hands blessing does not involve touch of any kind. I can offer this blessing to you in person or remotely. The blessing (positive frequencies) goes directly to the soul of your request.
  • As a Tao Hands practitioners, I can offer a soul mind body alignment blessing to dissipate spiritual and energy blockages. I do not do any medical diagnosis. Please consult a medical professional for a diagnosis.
  • Tao Hands blessings works within the spiritual laws and so we offer it for somethings but not all things. Things that we can offer a blessing for include
    • physical body
    • emotional body
    • mental body
    • spiritual journey
    • passing spiritual testing
    • relationships
    • finances
    • spiritual body
    • business
    • residence or business office
    • pets


And for more information on Master Zhi Gang Sha see www.drsha.com

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