The following are a sample of the results that I have provided using the different modalities that are listed above.

1. Whilst undergoing medical treatment for a very badly sprained fractured ankle, Raj performed a couple of healings on me. I'm not really sure what he did but my physiotherapist congratulated me for doing my exercises diligently. The thing is, I had actually only done them once. Raj got me back walking then jogging well ahead of the physio's expected recovery time. The physio was impressed with me but really all credit goes to the incredible healing ability of Raj. I'm forever grateful.

Georgia, Williamstown, 2018

2. Raj worked his magic not once but twice for me helping me to significantly reduce me severe back injury I had from a car accident after only a handful of sessions when other doctors said it could take up to 18 months...today just 6 months after my accident I'm running around the park! And to top things off he did money healing on me and literally the next week I brought in $20,000 to my business. Truly a miracle work, thank you!

Meg, Chadstone, 2018

3. Lucky and blessed to have met Raj. Thanky you, Raj, you saved my birthday event. Already stressed and anxious in planning my first birthday event away from home in a new city (Melbourne). As I was getting ready, I was experiencing the most excruciating headache, to the point I had to tell my guests I will be late an hour to my own Birthday party. I wanted to cancel but friends were already at the venue, so I forced myself ot get there despite the agonizing headache. Panadol was useless and the pain was drilling into my mind slowly becoming unbearable.

Thank God, Raj was there and offered to assist in reducing the head pain. I said yes, even though I admit was skeptical. However, I cannot explain the miracle feeling of my pain level of 8/10 reduced to between 2/10 to 3/10 in less than 20 minutes. So much more manageable and as a result was able to enjoy my Birthday event. Thank you so much Raj, without your assistance I would have had to leave my birthday event; which would have been devastating considering the effort my partner went to. I highly recommend Raj, and will definitely see him again if the need arises.

Ruby, Melbourne, 2018

4. I travel by plane long distances, frequently. And sometimes my legs and ankles swell up quite severley and can take three or more days to get back to normal, which can be a big inconveniece, if I business meetings after the flight. After one flight my legs and ankles were swollen, and it was very uncomfortable. I called Raj and he gave me a remote healing using Tao Hands, and within the first hour of the call, the swelling had reduced by 50 percent and the balance was gone when I woke up in the morning. He exceeded my expectations and I was very pleased. Thank you Raj for your wonderful service.

Aly, Vegas 2017


Moderating Expectations

What can you reasonably expect? Each case is different and the following variety of results have been observed with different clients, such that not all cases achieve full recovery:

  • Full recovery for the particular illness or issue
  • Accelerated (visible) healing of an injury or illness
  • Partial recovery with a major improvement over a short or long period of time
  • Partial recovery with a minor improvement over a short or long period of time
  • Stabalising a condition, so that it does not get worse.

Results vary for many reasons, including how many sessions clients attend and further improvements are also more likely with those who do self practices provided by Raj, where appropriate.

So one of the big points here is that it is not necessary to always attain 100% recovery, before some sort of relief is achieved. For example, sometimes a 10% improvement can make a big difference in the amount of pain experienced.

Of course, I never gaurantee results as we work with universal laws but we are hopeful when using soul and energy frequencies to get positive results for people. Many of the modalities I use, have evidence based medicine studies published with success attributed to the use of that modality.

That is, the soul world does the work, I am a facilitiator or channel.

And there are some cases I cannot assist people with.

Note These modalities are not a replacement for modern or alternative medicine. I treat on the soul and energetic level, so you still must see your doctor or appropriate professional for treatment on the physical level for your health and other issues etc.



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